Oriel College Dining Room

This ancient seat of learning holds many dark secrets.

Oxford’s streets have played host to agony and horror, torment and terror.  Morbid phantoms of the past stalk shadowy recesses in colleges, condemned to rehearse their lamentable ordeals for all time.

The ‘Dreaming Spires’ is a place of nightmares.

The Ghost Walk is an unsettling journey through the bleakest moments in University history…

Tour Timetable Summer 2016
June 1st​–​Sept 30th
Autumn 2016
Oct 1st​–​Oct 29th
Winter 2016​–​2017
Oct 30th​–​Feb 28th
Fri & Sat 7.30pm 7.30pm 4pm & 7.30pm
Sun​–​Thur 7.30pm Private bookings only 4.00pm
Hallowe'en (Oct 30 - Nov 5):
4pm & 7.30pm
Oriel College Dining Room

The Ghost Tours are £9.95 per adult, £8.95 for students/​seniors and £4.95 for children under 16.  They last approxiately 1 hour 15 minutes.

All tours depart outside Trinity College gates in Broad Street.

Tickets can be purchased from the guide prior to departure, with no need to pre-book. For Enquiries and Group Bookings please call Stuart on 07790 734387 or see the booking form.

You can read more about the Ghost Tour in "Where even Oxford's Tourists Fear to Tread" from The Oxford Student web site, and "Our Wonderful Week In Oxford" (pdf 1.8MB) by Mark and Fiona Bradbury.